Iceland's Arion Bank implements Lucinity to fight money laundering

Icelandic bank Arion Bank will implement the software of RegTech platform Lucinity to bolster its defences against money laundering.


(28 Sep 1973) Olafur Johanneson Prime Minister of Iceland interviewed regarding their position in the Cod War fishing dispute between the UK and Iceland

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What Iceland Did Differently

The president of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, shares his country’s experience with financial crisis and recovery – with emphasis on recovery – speaking at IESE. Going against the prevailing wisdom of financial experts at the time, President Grímsson explains how he let the people of Iceland decide the country’s course instead.

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Iceland – payment and order confirmation

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Lessons for Iceland from the monetary policy of Sweden

Why Iceland should keep their króna – and follow the euro

Iceland should abandon the flexible exchange rate of the króna and the present inflation target as well as their own central bank – in favour of a currency board with a truly fixed exchange rate of the króna to the euro. The euro should be used as the reserve currency of Iceland. This is the advice given by two Swedish researchers from Lund University in a new report, commissioned by the Icelandic government.

The report, Lessons for Iceland from the monetary policy of Sweden, will be presented by the researchers Lars Jonung and Fredrik NG Andersson on a conference in Iceland on June 6th.

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