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Below are the remedies available for the non-payment of salary by the employer:

1. Sending legal notice:

Provide details about the Employment Contract and bank statement as proof to the lawyer. Mention the consequences for non-payment of salary and issue the notice to the employer. Many times, the companies clear the due immediately to avoid the litigation process.

2. Labor commissioner:

If the employee is having an issue with the non-payment of salary, then he or she can approach the Labour Commissioner. They will provide the solutions after analyzing the matter. In case of no solution then they’ll hand over the matter to the court. This means that the case against the employer will raise.

3. Industrial Dispute Act:

Under Section 33(c) of the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, an employee can file a suit against the employer for recovery of the dues money.

��Usually, non-payment of salary issue does not happen with the employees who are the executives or managerial level.

➡️But, in case, if it happens, then they can file a civil suit against the employer as per the Order 37 of CPC, 1908. This is the faster procedure than the usual procedure in civil courts, called Summary Suits.

Source: Legodesk, ipleaders, Companies Act, 2013
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Committee on Education Finance – 02/01/23

Governor budget overview.

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